Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brand New or Redo?

What's more fun? Starting a brand new story? Or rewrites? I find I'm an ideas person.
Big picture concepts spring into my head. Titles spring into my head. Book covers spring into my head. Honestly, the image of a kitten with a bucket of bouncy balls seems appropriate. I chase after one, then another, then another. My ideas folder abounds with story threads.

But threads do not weave themselves into blankets.

I feel overwhelmed when it comes to penning that first wobbly chapter. For the past two days I have been using this Snowflake Method of story development. Familiar with it? Man, it really forces one to flesh out the plot. It's a great exercise, but difficult for a pantster.

On the flip side, I just finished "nuance" writing of a nearly complete story. Far more enjoyable for me. Yes, I found a plot whole (as opposed to a pot whole -- also very common in Minnesota this time of year). And yes, I found a sex scene that hit the floor with a thud. But I like dealing with these things.

So, I like imagining, formulating, conceptualizing. I like being on the clean-up committee, dusting and polishing at the end. It's the elbow grease work in the middle that I find difficult. I get 'er done in fits and starts. Thousands of words in a day and then zippo for awhile to recharge and relube the elbows.

So, where are you in the spectrum? Grand ideas to completed manuscript? What's your favorite?

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