Saturday, February 27, 2010

TAG! I'm it!

I thought I would dissect my own tagline for my latest work, Green Grass. Here's it is:

He needed fresh air. She had plenty.

Like it?

In its development, I thought of the overarching theme of the story. The hero, Kevin, is moving along with his life, a graduate student studying the air quality in coastal Maine. Early in the story we sense ennui. At least I hope we do. He needs shaking up.

Adrian Culpepper (yes she spells it in the masculine form -- ever the rebel) lives in a garage, freezing her toes and fingers off. She has all the fresh air anybody could ask for. When their two worlds collide, we root for them. We want Kevin to rise in passion and become the hero he's intended to be. We want Adrian to catch a break.

My tagline says nothing deep. Does it provide you with that fleeting spark to look a few seconds more at this book? I'm hoping the cover will be the freshest thing since --well GREEN GRASS. You should almost be able to smell it.

Onward..... Gemini


  1. Love the tag, Gemini. I think you are most clever. This book is sure to sell a million copies!

  2. Why thank you. Gem. You are very kind. And might I add, you look fabulous today.....:)

  3. Hahahaha! I have to agree with Gemini and Gemini! Sending lots of luck for your book!

  4. Oh, Christine! Thank you for commenting! You caught me goofing off...sure is lonely in Blogville sometimes.