Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Man's World?

Who's in charge here? I mean really. Who running the planet? I guess overall -- it's men.

My current work in progress has me thinking of this. My character is a female in a male-dominated profession. She's a wildlife biologist. But she could be a police officer, or a fire fighter or a corporate CEO. Goodness, it would be easier to list the female-dominated professions. A much shorter list indeed.

This woman works hard every day to conduct her research and struggles like everyone else to get the job done. But she has an additional burden in that she always has to do her job better than everybody else. She thinks so anyway. If she is not better, it will automatically be because she is a female. If the men in her group do a half-assed job, it's because they are fuck-ups or just having a bad day. If she goofs something up, it's because she was born without a penis.

I'm in bad place with this right now and maybe I need to write this story and get it off my chest. My female hero needs to rise above it and bring me with her. I don't think my percetion of this is all wrong but perhaps times have changed. I'm going to go out and do more research. Maybe some interviews.

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