Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I think I finally understand them. I had to commit the sin writing the same archetype over and over again until I realized, "I've met you before, oh hero of my story."
I tend to write the same kind of guy. SImilar unough so that I'd say they are of the same ARCHETYPE.

Here he is: He's kind. He's a bit of a fuck up. Tall, slender. Funny. Perhaps aloof.
Hmmm... is that an archetype? I guess I can't wrap a single word around him. Like the damsel in distress -- I write those women a lot. Never write bitches. I don't like to spend time with bitches in my real life and don't intend to spend my make-beleive world with them either.

Back to my guys. Let me list them. First their was Conrad Manzey. Tall, virile, not a fuck-up at all. In fact he is capable of just about any feat. He is sensitive and uber-masculine. Blonde, blue-eyed.

Along came Adam Vianetti. Adam is beefy and muscular. Ah-ha! Not slender. He is sensitive and intelligent. This guy has a head for business. Dark hair, dark eyes. So far so good. Two completely different men -- archetypes.

Then Kevin Shepherd. My love, my favorite. He was tall, slender, kind, funny, aloof. Curly black hair, brown eyes.

Ah- Steve Rider. My lost soul. He's just stumbling along without a real life plan. He's an animal man -- manages a team of horses. Strapping and strong from  hard work. Brown hair.

Bruce Burns... He's an older dude. Not a young buck, but in great shape for 40. Tall, slender, muscular. A buisnessman too, but kind of a power freak. Like to be in control, and he dominates Lori in a wild and erotic way.

Tango Petit. Ex-marine, buff and burly. Dog-lover and of course warm-hearted. He's a bit bull-headed but eager to do what's right. He's actually really a sensitive type and gifted pianist. Go figure.

OK, SO I FEEL BETTER. They are not all alike. I'm getting to know a new man and worried he was a recreation of the others. His name is Gavin Guevara. He's hot stuff and an artist, fit as a fiddle as he earns a modest living delivering packages on his bike.

Stay tuned for Gavin and Yarrow in Crescendo. Coming soon to a theater near you :)