Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Heart Beat Collection
Three erotic stories of music and passion.

Meet Gavin Guevaro

Crescendo is one of the THREE stories in the Heart Beat Collection. The story is about a meek young cellist named Yarrow Panesh. She is a well-healed publishing heiress of Panesh Publishing. She's tired of being pushed around and having life decisions made for her. Then she bumps in Gavin. Literally. He's a speedy bike courier, zipping by as she makes her way home from symphony rehearsal. She tumbles to the ground, her cello goes flying, and suddenly -- her heart springs to life.

Gavin has smoldering brown eyes and a wildness... What the heck! That's talk to him:)

Me: Hey Gavin, how's it going?

GG:  Great. My art is finally becoming my life. Thanks to Yarrow, right?

Me: Well your talent has something to do with it.

GG: Sure. The portrait I did of her was crazy popular.

Me: Still ride the bike?

GG: No deliveries anymore, thank God.

Me: I think you're looking chubby. You're not burning a bazzilion calories anymore, delivering packages."

GG: Shut up... (he's blushing...so gorgeous!)