Thursday, February 11, 2010


What fun!

Blurb! Sploosh! Eereek. . . The last one is the sound a squeaky door makes. I love words that sound like stuff. I use them in my writing all the time -- possibly too much. And I drive my editors nuts as they try to figure out if my bleeps and nickity-nicks need to be italicized.

My current writing is about a musician. I'm using tremendous self-restraint to limit my onomatopoeia.

By the way, if you type onomatopoeia in Microsoft Word, and then do a spell check, it asks you if you meant to type tomato. Maybe I did. Tomato is much easier to spell and more people are familiar with the word.

So when my editor say, "Gem, what the heck is scritchity," I'll say it's a tomato.

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  1. Hello Gemini!

    I found a link to your blog on WCP authors group. I just recently signed a contract with them for my first novel. I have to say I love this post. Very funny, now you have me wondering about my onomatopoeia's. Oh, and I'm so looking that up on Word. *Grins*


  2. Onomatopoeia - one of my favorite words. I don't know that I use it much, but I like to say it. Even more, I like to spell it. LOL. My 9th grade English teacher taught us a way to remember how to spell it. "Oh-no-MATT-oh-Poe-I-A." I've never been able to forget.

  3. Catherine, Isn't it a fun word? And it solves so many problems in my writing. Just the other day, I typed "cladunk cladunk cladunk. Know what that is? The sound of a flat tire of course!

  4. Hi Christine. New WCP too? Yay! Congratulations! It seems like a really nice place -- many successful authors. Let's you and I join the ranks :)
    Thanks you for coming to my blog -- jeepers I didn't even dust or sweep the floors....