Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Meet Gavin Guevaro

Crescendo is one of the THREE stories in the Heart Beat Collection. The story is about a meek young cellist named Yarrow Panesh. She is a well-healed publishing heiress of Panesh Publishing. She's tired of being pushed around and having life decisions made for her. Then she bumps in Gavin. Literally. He's a speedy bike courier, zipping by as she makes her way home from symphony rehearsal. She tumbles to the ground, her cello goes flying, and suddenly -- her heart springs to life.

Gavin has smoldering brown eyes and a wildness... What the heck! That's talk to him:)

Me: Hey Gavin, how's it going?

GG:  Great. My art is finally becoming my life. Thanks to Yarrow, right?

Me: Well your talent has something to do with it.

GG: Sure. The portrait I did of her was crazy popular.

Me: Still ride the bike?

GG: No deliveries anymore, thank God.

Me: I think you're looking chubby. You're not burning a bazzilion calories anymore, delivering packages."

GG: Shut up... (he's blushing...so gorgeous!)

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