Monday, October 1, 2012

And another delightful review for Rhythm of the Rain, also a 2011 release.

Thank you Long and Short Reviews!
Rhythm of the Rain

By Gemini Judson

Release date: 10/01/2011

Review by Stephanotis at Long and Short Reviews

What a unique story! It's about dog grooming, drill teams and yes, lots of romance, too. I liked Annalee from the beginning. She came across as a real life character running a dog grooming business, and in walks Tango with his dog. At first I thought he might ditch the dog with her and the story would progress from there with maybe her trying to track him down, but was more than relieved when he showed up and found out these two had lots in common.

One thing that struck me was the story seemed to have all the makings of a classic romance, boy meets girl, girl thinks he's not interested, and maybe he likes the best friend better; but what made it unique was Ms. Judson put a unique spin on the whole thing. She had all characters as part of a drill team and also took it up a couple of notches with some steamy sex scenes.

This story has good pacing, natural sounding dialogue, and characters I liked and cheered for. Rain, hence the title, is also a major factor in this story which had me wanting to curl up under a blanket and something hot to drink while I read this story. It's an quick read that I enjoyed.

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