Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So you're stealing from me, eh?

I've gotten a lot of notices lately about piracy and dogs copying books to sell or give away. That's pretty low. Very low. I make enough on my ebooks to buy a pack of gum occasionally, and they are stealing from me? I work for months to perfect a manuscript and tease out the emotions of my characters. And some fuck-up is stealing from me?

What I have to wonder in all this is -- where's my publisher? This is the one thing I think they should do for authors. I mean really, they need to intervene on their own behalf. It's costing them too. More, probably. What exactly are they doing for their 65%?

I suppose I will keep filling out the forms and asking nicely for these places to pull my stories down. I got nuttin' better to do. But maybe a big publisher could use some muscle -- maybe collaborate with others -- and put an end to this.



  1. Holy crap, I'm so not looking forward to that! Aw, I'm sorry there are people out there like that. I think we should band together and spray paint them or something.

  2. I'm chagrinned. You caught me ranting. I had just found one of my books on an illegal site and it ticked me off. Yes indeed -- let's TP their internet sites!