Monday, December 28, 2009

Giving It Away

So I didn't exactly grow the 'ol bank account in 2009 with my writing. I'm trying to remain optimistic -- my first release wasn't until October. My little gems only had a couple of months to sell themselves. Will 2010 be any better? Dunno.

I'd like to be noble and say "Ah, well I'm not doing it for the money. This is a personal journey and a means of expressing my creativity." 

The second part of that statement is a true statement. I would write and create artwork -- and have for years -- with no other eyes but mine, no other readers but a sister and a friend or two. But as for the first part of the above quote, I'm sorry to say, it's not true. I'm putting myself out there for the money. It's a lot of work to toil over the manuscripts and sweat through the sometimes painful editing process. For that, I'd like to make a buck.

This year I earned just under $400 from my illustrations and writing. *sigh*. It's a punch in the stomach, but in order to liberate myself from any yoke of discouragement, I'll look on the bright side and figure it's $400 I didn't have last year this time. (???) 

To further my personal petting, I'm going to give it all away. The Salvation Army is a most worthy organization and very visible this time of year with the red kettles. I'll write a check to them today. Perhaps in 2010, I'll ask Bill Gates for advice on what to do with my millions.

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