Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Loss of a Cat

I love cats. I have three -- one new little kitten that sniffs my eyes at three in the morning. So when I sat down for a final read on my latest work before submitting it to the Gods, I was crestfallen to realize -- I lost my cat.

About mid-point in the story, my heroine gets a kitten. A nice little side story to peel back layers of her character. But somewhere in the next few chapters, the cat disappears. Whoops. ROOKIE MISTAKE! 

Derr. So I've spent a few days trying to squeeze a cat into scenes where he really doesn't fit. [Don't worry -- I  had the good sense not to include him the sex scenes. He's sleeping or mousing or otherwise occupied at those times]

In Ring Around the Sun, Teal's husky becomes a big part of the story, and it was fun to write him in. Heck, I even made him the hero in the end. With my little gray cat? Hmm. I sure as heck don't want to bring a downer on the story and have him hit by a bus, but I have to say, I'm learning a lesson. Keep track of your pets. In life and in writing!



  1. Gem, I rushed over here to give you cyber hugs! lmao...I have pets in my stories too and they can be fun keeping up with. Good luck on finding your kitty.

  2. If I remember correctly, you are a cat person. I thought I could lure you over here with a line like that! he he he....

  3. LOL Gem, I got a good laugh when you said you kept the kitten out of a sex scene.

    My hubby and I can't count the times, our black cat, Max has interrupted us during the middle of sex. lol Nothing ruins a good love scene than a cat jumping up on the bed and meowing. Grin.

  4. I'm a cat person too (was gonna say a cat woman, lol, but caught myself in time!)

    Yup, cats definitely banned during sex scenes! And good luck trying to find, and keep, the pet in the story or real life too.



  5. I'm an everything person. Cats, birds, fish, dogs. I tried to keep the English Mastiff in Queen in the story without being intstrumental to the plot but made sure he was there.

    Great post, Gem.


  6. Thanks for stopping by, gals. The more I think about it, every story I write has critters in it. Looks like I better get a new package of sticky notes to remind myself of their existence!