Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do I Need a Bad Guy?

So I have these three characters, and they are all significant. A hero, a heroine    and an antagonist. As I move along in my writing, I find that I’m developing a big  crush on my antagonist. Now we can analyze till the cows come home what this  says about my psychological balance – or imbalance – but what does it mean for  my story?

Can everybody in the story have a happy ending? Is that just a little to warm and  fuzzy? I don’t want this guy to crash and burn. In fact I want him to get lucky. I  might even pull a switcheroo and hook him up with the heroine for a quick fling.

I know – my story, and if it is well written then no harm no fowl. I’m trying to  think of the last book I read where everybody takes the high road. Even Dickens  had Uriah Heep to dump on in the end.

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